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Photo shots

There are several ways to get photos:
  1. Continuous recording of images with a predetermined frequency to SD-card on Cloud Drive and EMAIL. It is necessary to specify the frequency of sending images
  2. Record and send images to SD-card on Cloud Drive and EMAIL when the built motion detector/sound is triggered
  3. You can get a "live" video frame via SMS

How can I get a "live" video frame via SMS
To get the video frame, enough to send SMS with text "P" or "PIC" to the phone number that has a SIM-card in the gadget RealVisor.

Variants of SMS text commands
1 P

Conversely you will receive EMAIL with one video frame, as well as "live" video frame will be sent to the Cloud "Yandex-Disk".

You need to choose in program: Settings - Alerts - EMAIL. Specify your own address to email.

This function is restricted in free version.