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Remote control commands

Using SIP-address of the server, the client can send commands to the server over the Internet to carry out such tasks as Guard enabling / disabling, receiving pictures from the camera, etc.
Enable GUARD In this mode, the program responds to the motion / sound detectors and sends all the possible notification (sms, email, outbound call, video call, writing to Cloud and so on).
Disable GUARD If security is disabled, the server does not make the sending of alarm notifications (sms, email, call, video call and so on).
However, recording on SD-card goes as usual
Email the image The remote server sends the current image from the camera to Email.
Email address is previously specified in the RealVisor app on the Server: Settings - Alerts - EMAIL - Address, which will be sent to EMAIL.
Therefore you need to open your mail and find a letter with attached  image file.