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Motion detector setup

Configuring the motion detector can be made at "live" image from the camera
Since a man  sees the real picture coming into the detector, then it is easy to adjust the detector settings such as resolution and threshold.


Here is the image on the input of motion detector


"Live" image from the camera 

Detector resolution (mesh size)
The smaller mesh size, superimposed on the image, the higher the resolution of the detector - the ability to detect the movement of small and very small objects in the camera's field of view.
However, you need to avoid very small mesh size, since this increases the effect of random interference from ambient light  (glare, rain, large snow).
Recommended values are given in the table below.

Conditions Recommendedmesh size
There are a large snow / heavy rain 13-15
It is necessary to detect the movement of small and very small objects indoors 9-10
The program must not respond to small objects and detect the movement of large objects  holding at not less than 20% of the height of the frame. 15-20


Smoke Detector

For automatic smoke detection, a motion detector is used, plus a special additional image processing based on the original algorithms.
To show how the smoke detector works, click on one of the yellow buttons. This will launch a real video of the smoke, the frames of which will be automatically processed by the program with a demonstration of how the program actually detects smoke.
Attention! To use Smoke Detector you need to buy special license (contact realvisorsuper@gmail.com)