< Archive of videos
Archive of videos

The archive is located on the SD-card at the mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.reallyvision.realvisor3(4)(7)/camvizor folder.
When the free space on the SD card no longer remains, the program erase automatically "oldest" files in the archive.
 In program, go to Settings -> System - > Leave space on the SD card. Specify here the number of MB that should be "untouchable" on your SD card.
That is, the program starts to erase their old videos when available space on the SD card is less than the specified number of Megabytes.

Select several videos to play one-by-one
Make long press (over 3 seconds) on any video.
All the videos from this one up to the beginning of the list of records will be selected. 
Dedicated group of records will now be played-outside-each other in the same order in which these records  were written to the file at the SD card. 
When you make short click on a  video, this video will be played as usual - in an infinite loop.

How to prepare an external drive
Before you start working with the program RealVisor any external drive - SD-card or USB-drive - must be properly prepared. 
Namely, the file system of external drive should already contain the folder: Android/data/com.reallyvision.realvisor3
Please, pay attention:
The specified folder name begins with a "big" letter (Android)
com.reallyvision.realvisor3(4)(7) - is a unique application name which it is presented in the Play Market.

How to create a folder in the gadget
In the gadget run the File Manager (or "My Files").
Then in the program select the device "External SD-card" and click the "+" (plus) or the menu item "New Folder." Next, enter the name of the folder as described above.
How to create a folder using a computer
Connect your gadget through USB-cable to the computer. Once connected, you may need to take the gadget in your hand and "pull" the curtain of  messages. Select the USB-connection from the list of messages. The following types of USB-connections are acceptable:
  • USB-connection as a camera
  • USB-connection as a USB-drive
Then, in the computer, select the "My Computer" and then "External Drive" that corresponds to your gadget. Navigate to the location of the external drive, create a new folder with name as described above.