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Android USB Endoscope

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This android app can attach an endoscope to your gadget in 5 sec!

App for Android Endoscope:

This android app can attach an endoscope to your gadget.

You can find more information about this app here

Outstanding features
  • The app can connect in 2-5 sec most of gadgets (Moto, Huawei, Sony, LG, Samsung, Xiaomi and so on)
  • Can share video files through the air
  • Post-processing to improve the quality of dark image areas
  • Camera & archive access over the browser
  • Full HD quality both photos and videos

You can purchase the activation code. Enter it into the free app to get the 100% full application. Install this free Endoscope app and then activate it by the activation code

USB camera / USB Endoscope for Android    http://endoscope.realvisor.net Install the app from Google Play Market

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